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Kraken Onion website

The design of the resource can be attributed to stylish and discreet minimalism. There are three basic colors in the page designs: white, black and grey. There are no flashy, gaudy elements on the pages that could distract visitors from the products. In the upper left corner there is a logo on which the black tentacles of the mythical character Kraken are depicted, which, according to legend, irretrievably dragged ships into the dark abysses and there was no chance to escape from it.
The main menu items are displayed in the header of the site:
• catalog, which presents all the goods that are sold on the site. They can be sorted using a convenient filter by price, purpose and other characteristics;
• shops, where all the shops that sell their goods on the Kraken are represented. They are sorted by popularity. By the way, the marketplace gives its customers the opportunity to give the store their personal rating after the transaction, which will subsequently be reflected on the leaderboard;
• also, there is a news item where you can get acquainted with the latest news of the site and learn interesting information for yourself;
• closes the list of “exchange” menu items, using which you can exchange your currency on a card or account for bitcoins in your Kraken wallet.